2014 Nissan Terrano

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Finally, real pictures of the new Terrano. Which is a rebadged Renault/Dacia Duster with a Nissan Front end.
And it works.

I still think this would make a great X Terra replacement in the US.
But so far, this is mostly for the Indian market…

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  1. What a beautiful looking vehicle. It's nissan / renault basically, so it's reliable and quality built. The Dacia Duster is well rated , so it makes a great base to build from. This should sell huge. It should come to NA. An affordable baby Pathfinder. That would work!

  2. The side of that thing looks just as bland and boring as the latest "soft" design language of Nissans in the U.S. It's so sad that Nissan has largely decided to replace blocky, burly, and aggressive with blase, homogenous, and effete.

  3. This is nasty. Keep this rebadged rehashed Renault Crap away. Xterra is too awesome to become this pretender.

  4. the blocky agressive look is passe. plus those units were truck based and no one bought them. they were all well built like tanks, but no one needs a sherman tank to get to the mall….fact! Nissan is doing the right thing to sell more cars.

  5. There are certainly issues that can be taken with a blocky design language, but it does have character, which the new Nissan designs are sorely lacking. The only new Nissan design that has any sort of interesting character is the Juke, the new Altima just screams "limp metrosexual" and the new Mallfinder is even worse. That's coming from someone who owns the previous two Altima generations, but will NOT be buying the current one. I'd buy the new Mazda 6 long before I'd even consider buying the new Altima.

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