2014 Skoda Yeti

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 For its 5th year on the market, the Yeti gets a new face.
Which is fine, as it still looks pretty good.

Things are pretty much the same inside, except the cheesy fake wood trim seems to be gone.
To me, that 5 year old interior still looks better than the current Jetta…

Since the Yeti was never sold here, here it what the current model looks like. With the “old” face.
I always though it could have been a good idea to rebadge this as a cheaper VW model. 
It could be sold here against the Cube or Kia Soul. And would look quite nice with a VW face.
What do I know…

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  1. It looks MUCH nicer and cleaner.

    VW has their own Soul/Cube. It may be a different shape, but it's after the same audience…the Beetle.

    – FusioptimaSX

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