2015 Nissan Maxima?

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Just got this picture from a reader. All I know is that it was taken in Death Valley.
And it is really, really covered up. So it could almost be anything.

But I does resemble the picture we’ve seen before of the upcoming concept.
This could be quite a slick looking sedan. 

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  1. "This could be quite a slick looking sedan" – come on Vince…then we KNOW it's not a Nissan 🙂

    Beyond that – it's a REALLY low roof line in the back…that's pretty crazy low for a 4 door sedan….

  2. Something I just thought of…what if they have decided to make a large FWD coupe and call it the Maxima….which adds to the reason of the discontinuation of the Altima Coupe. It makes no sense for them, but that this point, anything is possible.


  3. Maybe they've gone batshit crazy and decided to make the Maxima an A7-like fastback? Though from the looks of it, the shape will more likely resemble a squashed Acura ZDX. Guess they have nothing to lose.. the (IMHO) very handsome current Maxima isn't selling, and if this new one fails, they have that Chinese LWB Altima available to replace it.

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