36 mph HWY for the 2014 Chevrolet Malibu

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And 25 City. An improvement compared to last year’s 22/34 figures.

These are really good numbers for a mid sized car. I reviewed the Turbo version last year and thought it was a great driving car.
 I also experienced the 2.5 Liter in the Impala recently and thought it was super smooth, refined and quiet. With just enough power for most uses.

The smaller revised Malibu with the 2.5 Liter should be really good. I can’t wait to review it.

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  1. Who cares.

    This has been immediately relegated to rental car status.

    They aren't selling, and it is incredibly easy to see why.

  2. ummmmmm chevy is kinna late in the game on this one..accord,altima,6 and other's already achieve 37 and above couple years back. Where have you been chevy? smh.

  3. I am sure some old guy wanting to trade in his beloved old Malibu would care. For the rest of us, this is a bland car that blends in the segment somewhere in the middle. I am baffled why the new Impala is impressive and this one is still a variation of the '07 model.

  4. what are you guys talking about? This car looks great! And no, I'm not a GM employee or +60 year old guy!

    No, it's not an Optima, 6 or Fusion – but not everyone wants that. And, it's most certainly not a Camry.

  5. The cruze nose is more attractive. They should have went in that direction. But no. Now the cruze is gonna be refreshed to look like this mess instead. GM needs to follow the yellow brick road for a brain.

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