All new Honda Civic Tourer

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This is the wagon version of the Euro Civic. Which is a more modern looking hatchback version of the sedan we have over here.

No surprises , since Honda showed a Concept version a few months ago. And the production model is pretty much the same car.
With the Euro Civic interior.

Not sure why they chose to introduce the wagon so late. Two full years after the current Hatchback came out.

Just like the Euro Accord is sold here as the Acura TSX, I still think the Euro Civic would be a better small Acura than the ILX. Which has not gotten great reviews, and is not selling well…

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  1. The ass of this car … looks like ass.

    What are those boxy rear fender bulges, and on what alien world is that considered attractive? This vehicle looks ridiculous.

  2. The omission of the rear door handles in the usual location serves to make the vehicle look like a cargo transport by accentuating the massive area of sheet metal behind the front doors. Also the dash looks like a dark mosh pit with a very dated steering wheel design. This car could be much better with more thoughtful design.

  3. The idea of a squared out Civic hatch is appealing, but this ain't it. Pinching the rear windows as always makes the car looked constipated.

    When does Honda lose the silly two tier dash? Make up your minds boys, up or down?

  4. May not be up to American standards for style & taste–but clearly the best-looking vehicle to come out of Honda in over a decade!

  5. ILX Tourer…it would outsell the sedan! Price it starting at $25K with the si engine.

    – FusioptimaSX

  6. Its styling not even up to Chinese standards. The Dashboard components placed in a random zigzag pattern is a easy representation of that. These cars are industrial garbage.

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