Cadillac Elmiraj Concept

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Yes, this is yet another gorgeous concept from Cadillac.
The only problem is the word “Concept”.

Most recent concepts they have shown us have never translated into production cars. Except for some vague design cues.

The rear angle does remind me of the ATS. And from what we’ve seen of the ATS Coupe (In spy shots), the general rear shape could be pretty close.
Others say this is closer to what a next generation CTS coupe could look like.

Who knows.

No matter what, it looks great.

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  1. I beg to differ the Cadillac Converj translated nicely into the ELR. And the Provoq into the SRX. The Evoq into Cadillac XLR…The XTS Platinum Concept into the Cadillac XTS…so there is a history with Cadillac bringing some concepts to reality….its just a matter of the ones we really want to see like the Sixteen, Cien and Ciel concepts….and now this Elmiraj!

  2. I remember reading on Car and Driver some time ago that Cadillac will not be making another CTS coupe. Despite what the world says, Cadillac has trouble building the cars we actually want! Except the almighty CTS-V manual wagon, of course.

    But really though, they need to build this. What else is going to compete with Mr. Putin's limo?

  3. Cadillac has stated that the CTS coupe would continue on in some form….maybe under a different moniker, but it would be CTS based. The CTS Coupe was a success for the brand in many ways.

  4. Unlike the Ciel, and almost every Cadillac concept I can think of, I think it's entirely forgettable and a serious let-down… with the exception of the interior. It looks great, even with the gaudy "paneling" on the seats screaming for attention.

    One thing is for certain, Cadillac and the buffoons at GM (I'm thinking of you, Dan) will NEVER produce another one. I wouldn't be surprised to see some design DNA make it's way to the showroom, though–unfortunately. And when it does, Cadillac will have dethroned Toyota as the automobile appliance maker in the minds of everyone.

    The badge is gross, btw. It looks like it was ripped straight from an 80's cartoon robot. Classless. Way to fix something–one of the few things–that isn't broke or about to be broken in the land of blandness that has become GM design.


  5. Exterior has elegant, gorgeous yet sporty lines. Caddy still needs to keep working in a newer logo. I give them credit for dumping the wreath that surrounded it. Now. That interior. Are you kidding me? Caddy needs to learn to design a driver's oriented interior. An interior that communicates it takes driving seriously, that their cars are meant to be driven. Minus the interior, this car is a huge leap forward in caddy design. I'd love to see it produced..

  6. Yeah I'm sure they will build a true hardtop coupe with rear windows that go down.
    GM was the first company to do away with them in favor of "opera" windows.

  7. You can partly blame the safety Nazis of the doing away of true hardtops. 🙁 Rollover concerns were starting to be a big deal come the '70's and unfortunately GM (and others), first got rid of true 2-door hardtops, and then the four doors followed. By the end of the '70's, they were all but gone.

    Cadillac did make the '79-'85 Eldo as a "hardtop", but the rear windows didn't roll down.

    How is it that Mercedes can spit them out like popcorn, yet we gave up making them, but still make convertibles??

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