Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon teaser

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 Mid size pick-up trucks are coming back next year. As GM had announced earlier.

GM had also mentioned that the US version would not look the same as the one already sold in many other countries. And from the teaser above, you can tell the US truck isn’t the same. (Current one sold overseas in 2nd pic)

On another note, I still cannot believe how lucky GMC is.
Saving it over Pontiac seemed like such a weird move. 

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  1. In Canada the Sierra outsells the Silverado. I would personally get rid of GMC but apparently there are two distincts customer groups and GM does not want to lose one of them…

  2. Two distinct customer groups for the same thing with a different grill. What an anomaly of the industry.

    They knew a Malibu Truck wouldn't fly.

    – FusioptimaSX

  3. The corporate Chevy grill with 2 spaces and the bowtie in the middle is tired and boring. When will GM learn that evolving this look is not enough. If they are looking for a reason why the F-150 will always kill them in sales, there's part of your answer.

  4. Smart – If I were looking for a smaller truck, I would want it to be everything like the bigger one, just in smaller dimensions and better mileage. That 'other country' one is damn ugly.

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