Even more pictures of the volvo Concept Coupe

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 These are really good shots, making the car look great. Still, I don’t think it is that original…

Here is the one we saw last week, trying to guess what it was.
Now with official logos.

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  1. Looks like a camaro and a5 had a baby good looking car though. I would've liked the design more as a sedan

  2. I really like it, for Volvo I think it's very original. I also agree with the comment that it's an interesting combination of American muscle car lines and European design language. They would sell lots of these if they'd make it.

  3. This is a very attractive look, but I think it would work way better as a TT-sized coupe (from which they could also build a 3-door C30 replacement) than a replacement for the C70.. scaling it up would make it look dangerously similar to a Camaro.

  4. I like the lines, but the design is far from groundbreaking. I would rather see them go in this direction, though, as Volvos look too much like Mazdas these days in my eyes.

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