Ford S-Max Concept

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 The current Euro Van S-Max came out in 2006. So a replacement is coming out soon.
This “concept” is pretty much the next -Max.

No surprises. Just take an old S-Max,  a new Fiesta, mix things up and there you go: The new S-Max.

Just like the old one, it is not scheduled for the US. I guess the “one Ford” doesn’t work with the S-Max. (Just like with the Taurus…)

Here is the old one. Still rather good looking. Much more modern than these huge lumpy minivans we are getting over here…

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  1. That's an incredibly stylish minivan. Amazing how the simple tweak of stealing the Aston Martin grill shape has so inspired Ford's designers lately.

  2. They should have used this along with the B-Max and C-Max to create the Hybrid Max family in the US. It would make a good rival to the Prii. Especially if each one had an Energi version.

    – FusioptimaSX

  3. I believe Ford still owns part of Aston Martin. Regardless, stealing such an iconic brand identifier from a luxury brand and putting it on consumer lines only dilutes the value of the luxury brand. I bet there are LOTS of Aston Martin owners who are pissed off that Ford did it.

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