Geely to sell cars in the US by 2016.

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More claims of Chinese cars coming over here.
This time from Geely.  Volvo’s Chinese owner.

They now plan to export cars developed with Volvo. Which probably means they will use Volvo designed platforms for their future cars.
The opposite of what they said a few years ago when they wanted to keep the two brands separate.

I think Volvo still has a good image amongst car buyers. As most of them have no idea about the Chinese involvement.

But a Volvo based Chinese car might still be considered as “cheap crap” in Europe and the US…

Good luck…

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  1. What will be even funnier is if that "cheap crap" is available right next to those pristine Volvos on Volvo dealership lots. That sure would cause a lot of brain-locking among some people, and possibly threaten Volvo's reputation.

    It probably won't matter though, since no Chinese auto manufacturer has yet pulled off exporting to the U.S. I'll have to see it happen before I'll believe it's going to be done.

  2. That Geely concept pictured in your article looks suspiciously similar to the Volvo Universe concept from a few years back.. I wouldn't be surprised to see Volvo dealers clamoring to sell Geely models in the US, especially if they fill the huge holes at the lower end of the lineup now that the C30, S40 and V50 are gone.

  3. I don't know about that Vince. Although I've never considered a volvo, my family has always owned volvos. Volvo owners tend to be very well educated, very political, and vote with their wallets. After all the reports of toxic drywall, babyhood, pet food, plastics, working conditions, etc etc etc, they've vocally sworn off Volvo.

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