Long wheelbase Nissan Altima coming up

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In China only.

Where it seems that about every sedan gets a long wheelbase version.

The Altima is actually called the Teana over there. Which used to be the name for a local version of the Maxima.

The most interesting thing is the glass roof we see on the picture. Which would be a nice option to have in the US on our Altima.

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  1. "Very svelte indeed. Love nissans baby!"

    I think you misunderstood what I meant. This car is TOO svelte, it's got no pop, no character. It's like margarine on wheels. Nissan's designers were remarkably effective at homogenizing away any attitude from the previous two generations' designs. Very sad.

  2. Love that margarine on wheels comment, LOL! I too am far from impressed with the design. The car is not appealing or aggressive whatsoever to me. It is a heavy, fat, soulless, overrated, and messy blob, IMHO.

  3. Altima and Maxima drivers are the worst, most aggressive drivers on earth. It's as if the morons who buy these things really believe that they're driving a 4DSC. The design itself isn't bad, it's just not very modern compared to the newer competition.

  4. "Love that margarine on wheels comment, LOL!"

    It pains me to say that, but not as much as it pains me to look at. Especially when I know Nissan is capable of so much better.

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