Meanwhile, back at Lincoln: New Black Label Trim

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While Cadillac dazzles crowds with an amazing concept, introduces a new world class CTS and sells tons of ATS sedans , Lincoln is offering a new high end trim using the same name as a Scotch Whisky.

First. The MKZ is already grossly overpriced.
So I’m really not sure an even more expensive trim is necessary. They are throwing big words around, like :”It’s not just product, but also personal experience”.
I guess that means there will be some divider in the showroom, between the $46 000 Lincoln and the $14 000 Fiesta. Or something.

Second. Who on earth wants a Lincoln with a red headliner???

Let’s hope Ford is planning something else. Soon. And more than the Escape based MKC.

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  1. I think that of all US auto makers right now ford is making the best product. GM is a lot of smoke and mirrors they have some nice designs but the vehicles themselves are lacking in quality. I have nothing good to say about Chrysler they have a long way to go but they seem to be making strides the past 2 years. I would like to see one of them use better technology inside like simply installing a tablet in the dash to control the whole entertainment system.

  2. I guess they're trying to appeal to Scion or Mini buyers??? I think it looks hilariously bad. The accents on the door panels and dash would be okay–in a sports-oriented coupe, or a heck of a sedan–but the headliner just looks ridiculous. God that brand is… pure garbage.

  3. Lincoln? WTF is a Lincoln and who cares about that brand anyways? Ford sells Lincolns in numbers that are embarrassing.

    What is even more laughable is their stupid alpha lettering for the forgettable models of cars that they build under the Lincoln name.

    All this leads to F a i l! F a i l! F a i l. You can't be luxury if
    you don't have rear wheel drive. All this crap from Ford is nothing more than pretend luxury = Lincoln.

  4. Who wouldn't want a Lincoln with a red headliner?

    Lincolns should be a little wild, not all boring and German-like.

    The problem I have with these pictures isn't the red headliner; it's the rental-car grey everywhere else.

    Who knows, maybe this means that Lincoln is finally trying to be it's own brand again. They were never going to win the "mine's smaller than yours" fight with the Germans (talking about depreciation, of course).

  5. Isn't this supposed to be what Lincoln is? By creating two tiers within the same brand, they are essentially bringing back Mercury.

  6. Honestly, I like looks of the MKZ. It's fantastic in person. But it's only skin deep. The premium for this car is laughable when compared to a loaded Fusion (which is one of the best cars on the market today at $32-37k loaded.) But at near $50k for a well optioned MKZ fake luxury car on a Fusion drivetrain…. it just doesn't pass the smell test. Even if it were the same price as a Fusion, I wouldn't want a Lincoln badge in my driveway. I'd prefer the Ford.

    In a nutshell, it's like the Lexus ES. A dishonest attempt at a luxury car. All style, fake glitz and no substance. I'm shocked that, after over a quarter century of failing at it, they are still trying to pull this off.

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