More on the 2012 Chevrolet 140S Concept

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 Just found this picture of it in another color, so I thought I’d share. Still looking really good in yellow.

Plus, the front end of the next Cruze looks pretty close . Close enough for the 140S to become the next generation Cruze Coupe?
Let’s hope.

Here is a GM video about the Concept. Where you actually see the interior, which s pure concept stuff.

Sorry about the horrible music…. (GM’s idea of what “young people” like…)

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  1. Please let there be a Cruze coupe next generation…Chevy got super conservative offering only ONE body style for the C segment (as they said no to Hatch, Wagon, and Orlando to force people to the Equinox).

    It's more Sonic like than 140S, but it still looks good either way.

    – FusioptimaSX

  2. They really need to do something about that damn bowtie emblem. Just looks hideous in gold. Especially on a Mitsubishi Eclipse!

  3. These coupes with zero visibility and no real backseat (even partially) are the reason no one is buying coupes. I had hoped Chevy would make the Cruze coupe into something more practical. Notice, BWM doesn't make its 3series coupe completely inaccessible. Its got headroom n shit. Take a lesson, Chevy.

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