Mystery Car. Nissan Maxima?

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I was told this was the next Maxima.
I am not sure. I actually don’t think Nissan will replace the current Maxima. We haven’t heard about a new Maxima in years, and the Altima seems to be doing just fine.

But if it is not a Maxima, what is it?

Mid-sized Dodge? ( I actually think Dodge will be gone soon)
Chrysler 200?
Next Taurus?


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  1. Looks European to me, I haven't seen a non euro maker have amber turn signals behind a fake out reddish lense.

  2. The Maxima has cache that Nissan would be stupid to toss.

    They need to differentiate the Maxima from the Altima in a big way. Besides some seriously sporting suspension improvements and rubber, Nissan should offer a 6 or 7 speed normal automatic (or DSG), and also a stickshift, and leave the CVT for the bread and butter.

    Then update the V6 and make the thing look darn good inside and out and they will move better.

  3. Yes, what Tard says. I was a Maxima guy till the manual was taken away and only a CVT was offered? The horror! Was looking at the new Infiniti Q50 (G series replacement), what a fantastic looking car, great and impressive quality inside and out. But guess what? No manual. Shame. Sad, from a company whose tag-line is shift.

  4. The best Maxima was the 1990-1994 generation which sold in huge numbers and was brilliantly marketed as the 4-door sports sedan. Nissan should look to that car for inspiration on future designs. It was pure and classic without a lot of styling trickery on the dash or sheet metal.

  5. Generation 3 Maxima 1989-1994 is exactly what Nissan needs to reflect on for the next Maxima. Loved those. My 95 was built like a tank, strong, tight, solid, fast and reliable, but just not as attractive as the generation 3. That 95 of mine is still running around.

  6. listen they are all great and have been excellent cars. The issue is that the Altima got so Nice. In 2002 before launch of 2003 Altima, Carlos ( new to his position) was shown next Maxima ( it was the Altima 2003), he said make this the Altima. So, in a nutshell, the Altima has encroached on the Maxima. In my opinion, the Maima redesign will be grounbreaking, dynamic and premium. It's the only way it can be justified in the lineup. The Maxima of old only competed with stanza in it's own lineup which was very different than the Max.

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