Mystery Car.

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This picture has been around all day, in various sites. Yet no one seems to know what it is.
It looks like it came from a Tweet by Wallpaper Magazine. Yet there is nothing on their site about the picture or the car.

The lack of any logo seems weird. Like they have been photoshopped out. But who did it? The manufacturer? The magazine?
Some are guessing it is a Chrysler. Just because of the shape of the wheel. But Chrysler isn’t using the Pentastar anymore. Or are they?

That grille could be from anyone. Including Chinese brands.
The tweet mentions “a surprising makeover from this car brand”. Which would imply a famous brand.
This seems to be quite large.

My guesses are:

– Next Taurus.
-Next Lincoln MKS
-Large Kia
-Chrysler 300
-Volvo S80

Let’s not forget this is a concept. So an actual production model might look quite different.

What do you think???

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  1. Based on the wheels, I would say it's a new volvo.

    My second guess would be Jaguar.

    Third guess: Citroën.

    Chrysler? I don't think so.

  2. I can see Kia or perhaps Maserati. The front end doesn't look too exciting, though, to tell you the truth.

  3. I think Lincoln. Comparing this to the MKZ concept, there are similarities in the hood surfacing and mirrors, and I think there is actually a split grille there. The outer hood line looks to continue back into a slight chamfer running the length of the side, which they have been using as a styling identifier.

    The mutli-plane surfacing on the wheel spokes is similar to the grille of the MKC concept.

    I HOPE it is Lincoln, as this would be a much better effort than putting a bordello red velvet headliner in the MKZ….

  4. Definitely Volvo. Probably the S80. Looks like cues were taken from the large sedan concept. The grill says modern Volvo.

  5. It can't be the upcoming Chrysler 200, this is clearly a RWD car. It most resembles a Jag design ethos, and it looks very close to a recent Jaguar B99 concept. It could also be the flagship Citroen DS9 saloon? But I doubt that because this is very generic, whereas a French flagship would be more expressive, flamboyant and artistic then this creation. It's not a Kia based on the upcoming Genesis. Some want to believe its a Lincoln or possibly the next Taurus but there is no way in hell that this is either, especially a Lincoln. Volvo is not profitable enough to be spending any cash on building a flagship, and this looks to large to be the new 3-series fighter from Jaguar. I think it's a Jaguar Flagship sedan or coupe similar to the B99 concept, baring the Daimler or Vanden Plas name.

  6. I see many things that speak Volvo. The wheels match my S60 T6, the grill minus the cross bar, the mirrors look similar to the Contept you and concept universe design. This is beautiful regardless.

  7. Doubt it's s Volvo as it's clearly RWD. Unless Volvo's going back to RWD. My guess is Jaguar based an the F-Type shape in the front fender and 'blade' wheels.

  8. Volvo is sort of broke, I don't think it has the cash to bring out a flagship of such proportions.

    I am beginning to think though… this may just be a Chrysler 300 concept, to show the potential future of the car, and preview the design language of the upcoming Chrysler 200. After all, Chrysler does need a makeover, its just about as irrelevant as Lincoln, not on the radar of most people. Or this could just be some design student, putting out something from his portfolio, just to mess with us.

    I'm still sticking to this being a Jaguar though.

  9. Let's see. The tacky chrome rims (rimz?) tell me it's an American car.

    It really would be a surprising makeover for a Cadillac. They've done well with their design language (although the ATS has the proportions of a Toyota Echo).

    That leaves Chrysler and Lincoln. Lincoln desperately needs a car like this, so my bet is that it's the replacement for the Chrysler 300/Lancia Thema.

  10. I hear now that it is probably a "close to production" concept version of the upcoming Citroen DS9 large sedan.
    Which will be mostly for the Chinese market. While Europe will get a large Crossover version.

    We'll see…

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