Mystery car. Chrysler 200 /Lancia Flavia?

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Not sure. This was sent to me by a reader who claims this is the Chrysler 200.

I guess why not. Weird they would be testing it with a Chevrolet Cruze.
Maybe to compare things.

Anything they can do will be an improvement over the current model. And they really need something new in that very important segment.

If this is the new 200, it could end up in Europe as a new mid-sized Lancia as well. Maybe as the new Flavia since this is what they call the current model over there.

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  1. I don't think this is the new 200. The rear end looks wrong. More like the current one.

    Hey, Vince, is gone. I had to come and find you on The Hollywood Extra. Are you retiring that domain name?

  2. This is the next Cruze, it's too small to be the 200 and also like you said, why would they be testing with the cruze? Look at the back, you can see the bowtie.

  3. Yes there was a problem with Burlappcars. Google messed up really bad and I was unable to renew the domain.
    So for now, the site is here.

    I hope everyone finds me….

  4. The next Cruze has already been shown on spy photos & this is not it. If you look closer you will see the impression of a Chrysler emblem in the center top of the trunk.

  5. Youve been duped this is the next gen Hyundai Elantra with the Chryslers Alfa Guiletta mule vehicle wheels photoshopped on

  6. Looks old….and again….the black plastic mimicking a window in the D-pillar…AGAIN? I thought they wanted to distance the REAL next 200 from the Sebring?!


  7. I see a winged badge = Chrysler.
    It also has the shape I've accustomed to see on Chrysler products over the years.
    I just hope they don't have a strip of chrome connecting the tail lamps like everyone else.

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