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The Everest has been around in Australia since 2003. The current model is just a “facelifted” version of the one that came out in 2006.
It is a truck based SUV based on the Australian version of the Ford Ranger.

Since the Ranger was redesigned (And still not sold in the US) back in 2011, there is a new Everest coming.

This is the “new” Ranger, sold overseas.
You can see the similarities with the new Everest.

Nono of these will come to the US, of course.

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  1. The Ford Everest is one of the remaining pick-up based SUVs, like the Chevrolet TrailBlazer (based on the Colorado) and the Toyota Fortuner (based on the HiLux). I suppose all three are manufactured in Thailand.

  2. Vince usually love your blog, but this post is completely wrong.

    Firstly, the Everest that has never been available in Australia. Since 2004 Australians have had the Ford Territory which is a car based (Falcon) SUV which has had a number of facelifts over the years including a fresh one in 2011.

    The Everest is a truck based (as in body on frame) vehicle that will most likely go on sale before the Territory finishes in 2015 when Flacon production Finishes. This vehicle will fill a different market segment. I would assume Ford is keen to bring this to Australia due to the popularity of body on frame 4WDs for real 4WD'ing and towing. They will have an uphill batle though as this is traditionally the dual cab ute or Toyota 4wd part of town. Just look at the Mitsubishi Challenger or New Holden Colarado 7 which are selling only in modest numbers.

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