Nisan Rogue Teaser

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1st official pic. Which is really no surprise. Since it’s been testing for every, and it will pretty much look the same as the Hi Cross concept from last year.

As a reminder, this is the Hi Cross concept. From the spy shots I’ve seen of the next Rogue, even the interior is almost the same.

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  1. Vincenzo, getting a bit jaded, maybe you need a holiday. This is a very attractive, strong looking, and svelte CUV. I think it will be gorgeous.

  2. Will it be the US cousin of the new EUR Qashqai or of the new X-Trail? Current is more related to Qashqai+2 (but without the 7 seats…) that should be replaced with the new X-Trail…

  3. I see a home run here. Hard to believe the turnaround happening at this company. Altima, well rated and selling well, sentra is a small altima ( both very nice), versa note is real cute and next the rogue and i read here that the Titan will have a cummins turbodiesel. WOW!

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