Subaru BRZ STI “coming soon”

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That’s what they say on Subaru’s japanese website.
Good news for those who crave something sportier out of the BRZ.
As apparently Toyota is re-thinking a more powerful model of their own version, the Scion FR-S.
As well as the convertible.
Which is too bad.
At least, Subaru seems to have more guts.
If only they could redesign that horrible and cheap interior….

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  1. An STi of this would take over the streets. Toyota is too preoccupied with their Prius and Camry based fare…but there are nuff FR-Ses on the streets too.

  2. The unbelievably cheap and dated interior on both the Scion and the Subaru kept me away. I guess they figured if Mini cad get away with a Fisher-Price interior – but give buyers lots of fun for the price – it won't matter to buyers.


  3. Unfortunately they have faked everyone out as this is a BRZ STI ts. The engine is unaffected, just suspension bits and pieces amongst other things.

    – FusioptimaSX

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