2014 Nissan Rogue

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Now looking like a small Pathfinder.
Which might not be good news for the Pathfinder. Since the Rogue is now larger and offers a 3rd row seat as an option.

Plus, the Pathfinder, with its sea of hard plastics inside, is hardly upscale. This couldn’t be much worse.
Just a bit smaller and a lot cheaper.
And the new Rogue also offers a panoramic roof option, not available in the Pathfinder.

The powertrain is the same as before, and similar to the Altima. A 2.5 Liter with CVT.
It isn’t horrible, but far from great. It was mostly quiet in the Altima I tested a few months ago. But still felt weird at times.

No matter what, they will sell tons of these.
It looks much better than before, is roomier, can seat 7, and is rated at 26/33MPG.

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  1. The concepts suggested this was going to be an angular, sporty, aggressive, interesting looking vehicle. But instead, they homogenized it into nondescript mush. The pseudo-aggressive face contrasted against that fat ass is a joke. My God, how far Nissan designs have fallen…

  2. This looks sooo much better! Now this is something I could stand looking at for the next 6-7 years. Not sure how much room is in that 3rd row, but thanks for trying.

    This thing is also begging for the 3.5 V6, or at least the turbo from the Juke (hopefully not because it's the only thing going for it).

    Something did irk me about the rear end…how it's too similar to the Pathfinder…something that really is a combination of stale Nissan design with vents from the old truck grill removed.

    I think we have an idea of what the next Murano will be like…a combination of both, but with projector HIDs.

  3. The Inside is Gorgeous, especially in this segment, The outside however, already looks 2-3 years old. That Bucktooth corporate Grill is worse than Acuras Beaks…

  4. The all new Rogue looks very good compared to the current model and with its outstanding MPG should demolish lesser entrants like the Hyundai Santa Fe and knock CR-V and Rav 4 back on their heels.

    Well done Nissan!

  5. Just saw, touched, sat in the new Rogue at a dealer meeting in TO ( Toronto). In one word, it's Perfect!

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