2015 Cadillac Escalade Teaser

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The teaser is the B&W picture at the bottom. the top is the new 2015 Suburban.
You can tell that the next Escalade will, again, just be a Chevy clone.

Even though GM’s BS department is telling us that now it’ll be more special, different.
No it won’t. Just like the current generation, it will have a redesigned front end, rear lights and dashboard. And more chrome. That’s about it.

You would think for the money they charge it could be a little more special.
I guess as long as people are buying them, why bother…

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  1. I thought they learned this lesson 35 years ago. And they think the bankruptcy is responsible for their poor image. Yeah. What a disgrace, it doesn't matter what they throw inside it, it's a Tahoe (and the Tahoe is still ugly). Cheap SOBs. Let's hope the sheetmetal is at least a little thicker this go-around.

  2. To paraphrase The Who, Meet the New GM, same as the Old GM.

    While I realize many new products rolling out now were in development prior to the bankruptcy and reorganization of the company, it would seem that many of the same damning practices have made it through the transition. One would think that if they can afford to do different bodies for the LaCrosse, XTS and Impala, vehicles that don't have have the profit margin these SUVs have, they could certainly offer different sheet metal sculpting on the Cadilac version to make it stand out against the Suburban and Yukon.

    Angus MacKenzie wrote an interesting article in this Month's Motor Trend about speaking to a group of GM execs about product, specifically Opel. Their reactions are telling as to what is really going on in this company. End of the decade, GM will be back where it was 3 years ago IMO.

  3. DAMN IT GM! I knew they were lying!

    Same side profile, same Yukon Fenders, I'm sure they've made it even easier for one to swap out their Tahoe tail lights for Escalade LEDs.

    I'm really disappointed in GM. The Lambda have differing side profiles from the beginning, but they can't reshape a Tahoe body panel and window???

    Remember, these are the same inconsistent people that gave the Malibu an emergency refresh. I'm almost convinced that they are making the Escalade the same to piss people off into getting a Tahoe/Suburban or Yukon/XL…either way, they are getting their money as even the Tahoe L(es)S will more than likely command over $40,000.

    – FusioptimaSX

  4. as long as the Escalade has that 1970's column tranny shifter, I'll stay away. C'mon Lincoln, this is your chance to redesign the Navigator and give Caddy some real competition.

  5. It does!
    I have seen pictures of the interior, and the 70's column shifter is still there! Amazing.

    It's just like before, Cadillac front end and dashboard. That's just it.

  6. i thought the escalade will look more like the OTHER cadillacs. the cts, ats, xts. it looks NOTHING like them. it looks like OLD GM…

  7. The GMC variant has the Caddy headlights, I really wish GMC was axed instead of Pontiac..oh wait GMC is a cash cow because people pay more for them Tahoe yet won't pay enough for an Escalade??

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