All new 2014 Nissan Rogue

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This is the European version, which looks like it will be introduced at the Frankfurt Auto Show this week.
Our next generation Rogue will be the same car.
Although I don’t think we will be getting the “seven seat option” shown on the top picture.

It would be really nice to get the Panoramic Sunroof though…

This looks much more upscale than the current Rogue. Like a tighter version of the new Pathfinder.

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  1. it's the redesigned murano ( look like the hi-cross concept … the next rogue will look like the resonance concept and the new maxima will come after

  2. according to nissan news website the third row will be an option for the Rogue. This is in my opinion is the best looking vehicle in the nissan lineup. Too bad the engine is a carry over. The QR25 is due to be replaced I think.

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