Audi Sport Quattro Concept

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 What a nice change: a really nice and modern looking Audi. Something that doesn’t look like an A4.

And inside as well. Very simple and modern.

The concept uses a Plug-in Hybrid drive with a total output of 700hp.

Let’s hope this designs is a sign of things to come. Not just some crazy over $100 000 limited edition sports car. This could be the next A5. Or an A3 coupe.

Here is the previous Quattro Concept. Which now just seems OK when compared to the new one.

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  1. The front end look like a Chevrolet Sonic without the bowtie in the center… Maybe it doesn't lok like a A4, but not very new for the front part. The rest is ok.

  2. Give it some smaller wheels, tone down the oversized grill (can they make it bigger???) and remove the brake ducts to nowhere, and send it back to 1983, please. 🙂

  3. It's still wearing a hoodie! Blah.

    I actually think that interior view looks quite 70's. Blah again.

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