Infiniti Q30 Concept

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This looks really nice. Modern and quite original.
Let’s hope the production version isn’t changed too much.
Inside too. The only thing they need to get rid of is the horrible gold color for the interior trim.

Who told anyone that gold trim and purple lighting looked good together???
Don’t they have a bunch of designers over there? Artists who have learned about colors

But I really like the rest of the car so far…

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  1. Infiniti has this stupid notion of equipping its cars with boring base wheels which make any design average at best. This is an unusual and interesting design, but with fancy wheels. Without them I do not know.

  2. I think the front end needs a little work, but otherwise it's darn near fantastic. It looks twenty years newer than the Jaguar concept, that's for sure. I too hope they don't change much for production (except that strange interior color palette), as it will put most crossovers to shame.

  3. This vehicle is gorgeous, and the wheels rock. I also hope they release it as is, and that this exterior color is available.

    That rose gold trim inside might not be so bad if they'd used a darker shade of tan in the car, and gotten rid of the remaining silver/chrome highlights. The gold doesn't do much for me personally, but I can see how it could be made to work, even with the purple lighting.

  4. Beautiful design. The purple lighting is a bit gaudy. But that's easily changed, or perhaps even selectable by the driver. The gold will never make it to production, because almost no one who can afford this car will want gold. That will be best offered as an aftermarket option. As a concept, this appears to be entirely produceable.

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