Kia K900 coming to the US

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The all new Kia K900 luxury car will be available in the US early next year. It is the same car known as the K9 in Korea.

It is based on the same platform as the Hyundai Equus. But, unlike the Hyundai, it does look quite modern.
Many say it looks too much like a BMW. Which could turn out to be a good thing for Kia, since they claim the car is “a 7 series value for a 5 series price”.
We’ll have to see about that, as for now, the Equus is really not equal to a 7 series.
But again, many people might not care.

They only plan to sell 5000 units a year in the US.
Which seems realistic since the Equus sold almost 4000 units last year.

It will include a 290 hpV6 and a 420hp V8.
Price is expected to be between $50 000 and $70 000. Which would be under the Equus.
The Hyundai doesn’t offer the V6 in the US either.

I actually saw the car briefly last year. And it does look very impressive in person. It actually reminded me more of a Maserati than a BMW in real life.

It won’t compete with BMW or Mercedes since most of their buyers won’t even consider anything else.
But for people looking at a large Cadillac, or lamenting the demise of the Town Car, it could be a good alternative.

They should be able to move 5000 a year without any problem.

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  1. Just saw one actually ON THE STREET in downtown Little Rock, AR this week. Parked at a meter, 2 ladies getting in. I just assumed it was already on sale. It was quite a stunning car.

  2. are you sure you didn't see a Cadenza? This looks like a bigger Cadenza.

    Anyway…. Saying I spent $50,000 on a car called a "K900" sounds quite silly. Sounds like a camera or computer peripheral.

    But hey… it has a joy-stick thingie in the back seat which makes all the difference in the world…

  3. Hyundai/Kia packaging of their lux cars seems to be focused on selling pre-existing premium accommodations at Walmart like pricing. But you won't find any advance tech or superior steering and handling engineering.

    Vince your closing comment that "They should be able to move 5000 a year without any problem" is correct except you didn't include at major warehouse like discounts!

  4. I am not surprised, as they come up with new models or updates, that they look more and more like Audis.

  5. Quoris would be a great name.. but I'm guessing they want to differentiate it from Equus by using an alphanumeric convention like M-B and BMW.

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