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Another monster coming up from Lexus.
I just saw the new IS sedan driving around a few days ago, and it’s not pretty.

This is a complete mess. Although this is just an illustration, I wouldn’t put it past Lexus to add all these vents, skirts and wings.
I am sure the base model would look much better.

Last’ year’s LF-CC Concept wasn’t the greatest thing ever, but so much better than the production designs they’ve been coming up with since…

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  1. Yeesh. What a mess. Seems Toyota is overcompensating for their reputation of being bland. This is just juvenile.

  2. Juvenile is right. I felt the previous concept looked classy and I would've been proud to drive one. I can't imagine there are a whole lot of people over the age of 11 that would want to purchase this thing.

  3. This really screams, "I'm desperate and in need of attention". Lexus has really sunk to a new low with their latest designs.

    They'll need to be handing out an apology is if this thing ever comes to life.

  4. If Lexus could use the flowing lines enabled by a coupe format, to tame some of the blocky add-on look of the sedan, this might be worth looking at. In these pics, its another rolling nightmare.

  5. Vince, Many of your comments sound like you're simply "flaming" to get people to respond. I think the Lexus IS and other cars you've slammed are very stylish and I bet they run like a scaled cat!

  6. Looks like an accessory for that empty nester, single woman who drives with her Paris Hilton dog in Boca…puh-leeze

  7. I finally figured out what it is that this hideous grill reminds me of — Darth Vader. Lexus is making Vadermobiles, sports cars for The Dark Side.

    Luke, I am your torque converter…

  8. Ok.

    Lexus is cornering the market on ugly. I know this is just an illustration, but Lexus is slowly but surely losing their grip on reality…

  9. I like the IS, and I usually prefer clean designs Lexus finally has character. But putting this look on all the cars, espeespecially the suv line, is ridiculous.

  10. Hey guys…go easy on Lexus (and Toyota), obviously these designs are fallout victims of Fukushima!

  11. The taillights are completely wrong.. look like the previous IS lights. The new ones will very likely look like those on the CC concept, which seem to be shrunken versions of the horrid ones on the new IS. And supposedly the production name will be RC, not IS coupe.

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