Lexus LF-NX Concept

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That is ONE concept car I do not want to see in production.

Lexus has been talking about a “smaller than RX” SUV for ever now. And after all these years, we get this. One of the most offensive design I have seen in years.

For once, let’s hope the production model looks nothing like the concept…

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  1. Lexus appears to be run by a group of people with magnificent engineering talents, some amount of business genius and absolutely zero fucking taste. Nothing but pigfaced abortions come out of their gaddamned design studio. Jesus Christ.

  2. Jowls, jowls, and more jowls. Lexucks sure has a hard-on for that atrocious grill.

    And I too must wonder if a key requirement at the Lexucks design studios is the liberal ingestion of mind-altering substances.

  3. The Nissan Juke should be afraid. Very afraid. Luxury marques, not so much. Hats off to Lexus for actually trying though (seems no one does anymore), but this is like a heavily roided female bodybuilder, in my eyes–just not my taste.

  4. I think it looks amazing. And insane. Mostly insane. But also a good amount of amazing.

    That is one angry looking vehicle. Dang. That should be in a Mad Max movie.

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