More rumors about the Opel Cascada heading to the US

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Which is great news!

The Cascada is one of the best looking convertible out there.
Sure, it was not engineered for US regulations. But apparently, GM is working on that as we speak.
As everyone realizes this would make a great Buick model.
A great looking, 4 seater with a large trunk would look really good in Buick showrooms.

As you can see, inside, the Cascada is a blend of Astra (Verano) and Insignia (Regal).
If priced right, I can see this selling quite well in the US.

it’s almost begging to be a Buick.
And maybe they could bring back the “Riviera” name….

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  1. If only they would keep the slim opel headlights instead of the bloated mess they put on the verano.

  2. Beautiful car. But the name "Riviera" is very dated and sounds cheap. Buick isn't quite at the point yet where they can legitimately reference cars from bad-old-days of the 80s and 90s. Buick is on a roll, but they have a lot of work to do. Don't screw it up.

  3. Makes sense to me…why should the 200 get all the sedan convertible love?

    This would be a great way to get more customers into a Buick showroom.

  4. The Riviera name dates back to 1962. The first generation car is considered to be a classic Bill Mitchell design

  5. Just keep the Cascada name. That works fine. The trunk may be large, but that opening is a mail slot.

  6. I don't see the Riviera name as dated or cheap. Far from it. Cascada sounds like a snack food.

    The waterfall grill isn't going to help this car, but otherwise I've got not problem with it. Except… there have been not one but two incredible Riviera concepts in the last few years that would look stellar in convertible guise–two cars that are far more than a tarted up appliance… two cars that are probably far too good for Akerson's GM.

    Whatever they do, this is absolutely NOT worthy of the Riviera name.

  7. Ok.

    So it's agreed: this is NOT the next Riviera.

    Buick really could use a true Riviera successor…

  8. I have seen this in person several times at my local Ford/Opel/Honda dealership. Photos do not do it justice. It is a much better looking car in person. It has no direct competition in the states and would only add to GM's bottom line.

  9. I want one too… 6 speed…. although they would most likely throw a BORING LAZY automatic transmission in it. then NO…

  10. This whole "US Regulations" garbage pisses me of to no end as European cars are initially made SAFER than US regs…but such backwardsness exists that dates back to the 60s….especially when it comes to automotive lighting.

    Am I the only one that finds what they do to Audi rear turn signals in the US ridiculous?


  11. The first stand alone Riviera model was in 1963, but the name is much older…
    The Riviera name first entered the Buick line in 1949 as the designation for the new two-door pillarless hardtop, which was described in advertising as "stunningly smart." The Buick Roadmaster Riviera coupe (along with the Cadillac Coupe de Ville and Oldsmobile 98 Holiday coupe) constituted the first mass production use of this body style, which was to become extremely popular over the next 30 years. Buick would add a 2-door Riviera hardtop to the Super the following year, the Special in 1951 and the Century upon its return, after a 12 year absence, in 1954.

  12. No Buick headlamps, no Buick taillamps, no Buick grill, and no Buick portholes = best seller.

    This would sell just fine if they simply replaced the Opel badge with a Buick badge, no one's going to look at this car and say: "you know, it looks great, but without that waterfall grill, I wouldn't know it was a buick, and without it being a buick, I wouldn't buy it."

    They ought to bring back the Riviera, but not as this. The Riviera should be a Buick version of the Holden Commodore Coupe concept.

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