2014 4 Series Convertible

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 Looking 100% of what we expected.
And, in my opinion, not really better than the outgoing 3 series convertible. Which is still a really good looking car.
Most people won’t be able to tell the difference.

The new convertible will start at $48 750. Or about $4000 more than the 3 series convertible.

Which, to me, makes the current car a great deal. It looks as good, has the same engine etc…
And I am sure they’ll have some kind of incentive to move the current model off the lots.

I still think they are using the same top on the “all new” 4 series.
Unless someone proves me otherwise.

A cheap trick.

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  1. Where did the fuel door go? Seems odd they would go to the trouble and expenst to flip it from one side to the other, especially considering the rest of the changes from 3- to 4-series are mainly cosmetic. Perhaps one of the pics is reversed?

  2. Old one looks like a bloated mismatch of post modern jellybean design (Bangled). The new 4 has the clean look shared with the E46 2 generations ago…a very smart move.

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