2014 Nissan Altima Test Drive.

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 Yes. I did drive a 2013 Altima just a few months ago. So this is very familiar.
This time my test car is an SV model with no options. For a total of $24 970 including Destination Charges.
In my opinion, the Altima is still one of the best looking mid sized sedan out there.

 The interior is very nice. Especially in this tan/black combo.
A very peaceful place to be on  long trip, or stuck in city traffic.
It is also surprisingly roomy in the back. Almost as much as the Passat.
(Speaking of the Passat, the Altima’s interior makes the VW feel like a car from the 90’s.)

Plastics are mostly soft everywhere. The seats are very comfortable. And the base radio sounded really good.

 The main problem I had previously with the Altima, was the weird feeling from the engine/transmission at around 1500 RPM. It almost flet like it was going to stall all the time.
Which really bothered me.

For 2014, it looks like the problem has been solved. The CVT now works great.
Keeping the engine smooth and quiet almost all the time.
The car is also quieter this year. So much that it is now one of the quietest sedan around.

 The CVT has a Ds position. I usually don’t bother much with these. But in this case, it works great.

It actually mimics quick shifting. And it really works. Pushing the engine to about 4000RPM when needed. (Although by that time, the 2.5 Liter isn’t that smooth and quiet anymore…)
And it is super responsive.

After a couple of days, I would just leave the car in that Ds position all the time.
And I didn’t really see any penalty in gas mileage.

Nissan is proud to advertise 38MPG on the Highway.
I am not sure why as it seems almost impossible to get less than 40 or 42. I even got it up to 45.

Around town, it is pretty much impossible to achieve the official number which is 27.
It is more like 23/24. Which is fine for a car this size.

The Altima is a car I would recommend now more than ever. It is smoother and quieter than last year.
Small running changes that do make a difference.

At $25 000, it is already good deal.
But as we speak, CarsDirect prices the 2014 Altima SV at less that $21 000. Which is now an amazing price.

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  1. The Altima was a looker once. Now it's the dowdiest midsize sedan on the market. Well, not as bad as the Camry of course. But close.

  2. I will tell you all this….This is the best car in this segment period. Best value, great quality, very refined.

  3. Consumer reports is not a source to follow, they talk out of both sides of their mouth. Three days ago it was reported that they removed camry, rav4 and corolla from recomended list ( i would agree) , then yesterday, reports say that consumer reports has toyota ranked high in quality……make up your mind. Drive cars, compare ask owners you come across. There are many good cars out there.

  4. Vince….spot on! Your review is accurate and speaks to all of Nissans new product…all moving way upscale.

  5. "In my opinion, the Altima is still one of the best looking mid sized sedan out there." Vince aren't looks so subjective?

    While I wouldn't consider it as "the best looking mid sized sedan…" I would say it is decent looking.

    Nice review though.

  6. Vince when you got the Altima, did you alert the Nissan marketing boys to come and join the commentary? I see a lot of drooling comments about a car, which is at best average in looks, dynamics and reliability.

  7. I see above that a honda or toyota guy or gal is upset. Understandably. This car is the new standard and tousands are sold already. Why would a nissan person have to be commenting, why not a nissan fan? btw, just wait till the rogue lands soon. All new and stunnung

  8. I guess I'm in the minority. I'm sure this is a great car but the looks are ugly. It's way to over styled and I just can't stand to look at it. I don't think this design is going to age well..

  9. I've always liked the Altima but somehow this just looks cheap. Maybe because the interior looks like an upper mid-price foreign car from about 20 years ago. Or because competitors like Impala, Avenger, Accord, and Chrysler 200 have moved so far upscale in quality and refinement in such a short time. Maybe this is "typical" compared to today's Mx6, Camry, or Jetta–but it really lacks refinement in the details, in stylistic quality; and in overall composition; for an "all new" car in today's world. It simply comes up short for me. Which is a first for NISSAN/Infinity. I usually love their styling.

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