2014 Toyota Harrier = 2015 Lexus RX?

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The Harrier was sold as the Lexus RX in the US for the first 2 generations. For the current model, the RX and Harrier merged. Now there is one around, the Lexus RX.
It seems that Toyota is reviving the Harrier for the japanese market very soon.
Which means it could, once again, become the new RX in the US.

I think they will just put the giant Lexus grille on it and sell it over here as the 2015 RX.

What do you think?

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  1. Lexus appears to have gotten over their foolishness of lop-sided interiors. Finally listening to buyers and developing a trim level for the enthusiast seems to be a winning formula. Hey, where have I heard that before? Oh, yeah…. Acura (used to be).

    How's it feel, John Mendel, after your brilliant master-stroke, that Lexus is eating your lunch? PS> Brian Smith says thanks for all the extra business yo've been sending his way.

  2. Most likely, although they need it to be big enough for the third row…you know, the one that will fit only 5 year olds.

    I actually think this looks a lot better than the previous (concept art or pics?) pictures we saw of this. Although, the side profile isn't as refined as the current RX. That up kick in the rear windows seems to be a bit much for the RX's style, no matter how much chrome they wrap around the windows.


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