2014 Toyota Prius Plug-in. Japan

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This weird color combo is a new option on the Prius plug-in, in Japan only.
I guess this is a way to stand out from the crowd…

If your idea of standing out means “more crap” that is. It doesn’t look more modern or upscale.
Just crappier. Especially with that fake wood inside.

The little crumbs we get before the all new Prius next year…

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  1. Agreed. If they want to make the Prius stand out they need to make it more fun to drive also. Right now the ride quality is not much better than a Honda Fit. I would seriously consider one if it felt more like a Golf than a low rent sub compact.

  2. Maybe the simple fact of driving a Pious is no longer garnering sufficient attention, so a bizarre color scheme would be a likely next step.

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