2014 VW Passat Sport

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Not available yet. But later in the 2014 model year, VW will offer a new Sprt version of the Passat with the new 1.8 Liter turbo.
So far the changes appear to be only cosmetic. Black roof, mirrors, new wheels, new interior trim etc…
I think it all looks really nice. (Although the black roof is a little stupid without a real panorama style glass sunroof.)

But the new trim inside is much better than the cheap and sad looking fake metal they have now. And quite a bit classier than the super fake looking wood trim on higher end models.

This might help the Passat a bit.  As it is not a very exciting car to drive, and the competition is getting better and better, quickly.

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  1. I was ready to hate this car. I attempted to steer my brother away from buying a Passat for all the reasons we hear about it. He got it anyway, and it's actually really nice. It isn't a sports car, but frankly I liked it a lot better than the Altima that I rented during the trip to visit. The size of the car is really an unexpected bonus considering how tight most cars in this class are. The fake wood was awful, but every carmaker does it. And it needs to stop.

    I like the wheels on the "sport" version here. The roof and the spoiler are a bit low rent.

  2. Really and Truely, go down a couple articles. I recommend you read Vince's take on the New Altima, Very important if you are in this segmnet shopping for a new midsize. It changed my ideas and today I will go drive an Altima to see what I think.

  3. Compared to a Jetta GLI, there is no sport in this at all. You would think VW would at least take some cues from the GTI. I think they took their cues from a Camry.

  4. Honestly, if this was 2005, this would be a really great car for the time, but unfortunately it's 2013 and I know this Passat Sport will be pushing $30,000 for not enough content. Namely the headlights.

  5. Best Passat they've ever produced–and by a wide margin. I think VW loyalists will be very happy–that is until they drive it back-to-back against a similarly-priced 2014 CHARGER; in which case they will wish they'd gotten the much better-handling Charger instead. But very few people seriously considering a Volkswagen, will ever actually do that; so I think VW is safe there.

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