2014/15 VW Tiguan

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It is be about time for a new one. As the Tiguan is already over 6 years old.

This illustration takes some cues from recent VW concepts as well as the Up micro car.
So it could be close to the real thing.

I haven’t seen any spy shots of the next Tiguan testing yet, so it might still be quite a while before we see anything new…

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  1. I've been looking at all of these to eventually buy something for my mother. Where to start?

    So after several weekends of driving various small SUVs, what I've found compared to the newer offerings from Toyota and Honda, the Tiguan is still very competitive. Honestly, I don't know how those awful Rav4s and CRVs even sell… they seem like weak sauce garbage, but whatever. Compared to Ford Escape, the consensus is that the Tiguan is a little more solid but less exciting and not up to date with features. The prices for a fully loaded Tiguan are bordering on insanity. On no Tiguan model, can you get an automatic lift gate which makes it a non-starter unfortunately. The VW dealer said that feature won't be available in 2014 either. The favorite of the bunch is the Evoque, obviously. But at nearly $60k, mumsy won't be getting a Range Rover. So it will either be a loaded Escape on the low end, or stepping up to a lightly optioned Audi Q5 that has the stupid motorized lift gate… tho I really don't want to spend that kind of coin. So, note to VW, I really wish the Tiguan just offered that damned automatic liftgate. It would be sooo much easier.

  2. I haven't driven the Tiguan yet. (Even though VW keeps telling me they are sending me one…)
    But I drove the Escape last year and was quite impressed with it. Very solid, drives great with a great interior.
    And, also has German DNA.

    I am actually scheduled to drive another Escape soon and will report on it. While I still wait for the Tiguan…

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