2015 Cadillac Escalade

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Just like everyone thought . This is basically the GMC version with a Cadillac grille and dashboard. For about $15 000 more.

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  1. Wow! That is so disappointing. All of the GM full size trucks are lacking any interesting design. These will probably sell like crazy but they aren't very attractive at all.

  2. They well sell a bunch of these. Year to Year more Escalades are sold versus Yukon. Hey it works. With all these SUV/CUV Cadillac is about to churn out GMC needs to close shop.

  3. Funny you mention GMC, the grill actually gives off a real Terrain vibe. LOL!!! Not that this is much of an accomplishment, but it is the best looking of GM's new SUVs, as I figured it would be. (I suspect– with every fabric of my being–that some cheap bean-counter decided late in the design process that Cadillac's design would work good enough for Chevrolet and GMC, too.) IMHO, the entire front end is much too massive (look how low and out of proportion it looks to the sides). It takes the vehicle's stance and exaggerates it that much more. I won't mention the rest of the sheetmetal (why ******** bother?) but I will comment on the taillights: which are kind of cool… and too over-the-top to befit a luxury vehicle. All in all, it's a mix of bold, excessive, generic, and dated, all at the same time (sounds like the perfect Cadillac, huh?). Only a clown could see sophistication or elegance in this trash heap of a design.

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