2015 Ford Mustang illustrations

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Looks like car And Driver magazine commissioned a few CGI illustrations of the next Mustang.

Let’s just hope they are wrong.
I think these are horrible. The whole thing looks like a Chinese copy of the current car.

The base engine should be an “updated” version of the current V6. (Let’s hope it sounds a bit more civilized) with 300HP.
For about $600 extra you will be able to order a 310HP version of a turbo 2.4Liter.
And of course, the good old 5.0 V8 will return for about $1900 extra. With 430HP.

The 2015 Mustang should start at $24 000.

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  1. Yea, what happened to that Gorgeous Evos Concept? This, on top of Consumer Reports Testing 31 Ford Cars and only 1 was rated above average. Horrible.

  2. As Simon Cowell would say…
    Hid – EEE – Us !
    I have great hopes that the 2015 will be as one insider said a few months ago, "stunning" -but this teaser gives me nightmares. So many horrible things about this rendering are an insult to Mustang. Some Editor at Car and Driver should be fired for letting this get printed. And IF IF IF for some horrible reason it's actually close to the production model then Mustang is sadly finished after 50 years.

  3. I did sort of like the frontal shot (not pictured here) when I first saw it, at least the fenders and hood. I'm hoping for something red hot with some contemporary sophistication. This isn't it!

  4. Really people?! Am I the only one who thinks that this rendering is gorgeous?? This is a great evolution of the Mustang design… a truly modern looking Mustang!

  5. Can't be it. Someone took Fusion elements and added them to the current car. Time to move away from these taillights. This is such a great value for a car, sans reliability problems. Ford is doing a bad job offering an entry level model in the low $20s. The starting price simply screams CHEAAAAAAP! Offer reasonable amenities and price it starting in the low $30s and offer the same warranty as Hyundai. Then I will buy one.

  6. Count me in with everyone else's comments in hoping this rendering is purely just a sad, bad joke of the soon to be released Mustang and the official version from Ford will be much more impressive than what is pictured here.

  7. Surely they're smarter than this. It does indeed look like a cheap Chinese knock-off of the real thing. Horrible.

  8. Let's hope they are NOT wrong. Looks great. Best looking illustration I have seen. Looks nice and muscular yet trim. Love the front and especially love the side rear quarter window. Glad they didn't make it look like the current one. If you actually go to C&D website and spin the 360 of the car it looks amazing. The back looks ok from the illustration but I'm going to wait to reserve my final judgement until I can see the real thing in person. But so far from this illustration they did a great job. Excited for the actual reveal.

  9. FINALLY! A Ford Fusion 2-door. (now with "Mustang-like" tail lights!)

    So what will Ford's SPORTS CAR look like for 2015? Will they keep making the current Mustang??!!

  10. Goodness everyone, this isn't it. It is a mere rendering, as I've seen the S550 and it looks much better than this. The taillights are much more detailed and three-dimensional.

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