2015 Hyundai Genesis

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Looking much better in the official renderings than the long lens spy shots from a few days ago.

This could turn out to be quite nice. If not original….

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  1. Okay. I despise Hyundai. I've had terrible luck with them. But design of this doesn't suck. They're going to sell a lot of these to a lot of suckers.

  2. Didn't they hire recently some ex BMW design guy in California? No wonder this loks alottle like the 7 series.

  3. If these renderings are even close to the real thing then–plus if they have sorted their ride and handling suspension demons from the current model(?)–this could be a major, legitimate player in the premium segment for the crooked "H" company.

    Maybe, just maybe this time Hyundai will have delivered all the goods with this all new Genesis.

    Waiting for the test drive reviews to come in before making final judgment but looks very good!

  4. From the side I do see elements of the Ford Fusion…even the character line running through the doors and rear upswing of side windows.

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