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Not sure if this is the real thing or not, as it was just sent to me.
But it looks pretty realistic, and in line with recent Mazda designs.

I’ve heard rumors a while ago that Mazda might not offer the next generation in the US.

That would really be too bad, as the current Mazda2 is one of the nicest car in its class.

It hasn’t sold very well in the US. About 19 300 units last year. Which compares to about 57 000 for the Ford Fiesta.
But the Fiesta has 2 body styles. And offers many more options.
Plus, there seem  to be zero advertising of the small Mazda.

I think, if marketed correctly, the next Mazda2 could do really well in the US.

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  1. It is common knowledge that Mazda is building a new plant in Mexico & will be building a new small car for Toyota based on the next Mazda2 platform.

  2. Mazda brought the Mazda2 to the US with a spec'd pkg that was developed when with Ford (ie: completely stripped so it wouldn't compete with the Fiesta). Unfortunately, that meant a terrible automatic tranny and the lowest rent interior in the industry.

    With Mazda back in control and these super mini's seeing greater success, I hope Mazda will have a great interior and load these little 2's up – including a moonroof option and Sport pkg. That WOULD appeal to the demographic of these cars AND Mazda buyers – younger, sporty, not a lot of money but get a lot. If the 2 looks like this and Mazda follows through on the rest of the vehicle, it could be a real sales win. Mazda 2 Sport is the key, and great interior – NOT ALL BLACK INSIDE, and USE BLUE GAUGE LIGHTING!

  3. Agreed with the first commenter.. the next one will be built in Mexico with a Toyota Yaris replacement, so the volumes will likely allow Mazda to continue to offer it here. Looks good to me, shame they don't offer a 2-door version (though since Toyota currently does, maybe next generation they will)!

  4. I don't understand why Mazda isn't putting these leaks onto their websites to build more interest in both the next vehicle intro AND their brand. Cute car, but we all know this is coming next year. They need to keep punching Honda in the face… HARD and not let up. Cuz Honda's really ef'n up and is vulnerable to a sportier/loaded vehicle in the same class taking the Fit out back and stealing its lunch money.

    BTW – Where's the 3 sedan? Ditto for that ugly axx Civic. Mazda – don't get cheap on the details and you can take a bite out of Honda.

  5. Mazda needs to come in swinging with this car. The new Fit will disappoint in style and power. 6AT and a Sport model with all the stuff. Go after MINI too. You aint gonna take sales from Versa or other ghetto cars. Get the street racers.

  6. Make it beautiful. Make it loaded. Make it sporty and amazing to drive. But also of such quality inside that people will gape at the level above its competitors.

    Base version 2 w/1.5 SkyAcvtiv
    Lux version 2i w/1.5L SkyActive luxury
    Sport version 2s w/2.0L SkyActiv luxury + Sport pkg

    The 2 can do what the 3 can't – small overhang, shorter wheelbase = GoCart-like driving dynamics.

  7. The only issues with the 2012/2013 2 are their old transmissions and you can't get anything on it. Where's Mazda's marketing. No one even knows it exists.

  8. This thing has been overshadowed by the 3, no thanks to advertising! They should offer 2 body styles at least, a 3 dr and 5 door hatch! They will still have it due to the Yaris. The sad thing is that Toyota will probably benefit the most out of this deal.


  9. the current 2 was just bad. Nice drive. EVerything else was sacrificed for a low price. That was a mistake. No one goes to Mazda to get the cheapest car. (Thats what Hyundais rattle trap garbage is for…. being ghetto or trailer park fabulous.) Mazdas are here for people who like to drive and have style. The current 2 – was like a bad video game for 12 year olds.

  10. Good timing. Everyone knows Toyota is gonna drop the Scion line soon. So lots of kids looking for something unique can go to Mazda.

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