2015 Opel Astra

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This illustration is guessing that the next Astra will use design cues from the recent Monza concept.
Maybe it will. Hopefully.

The Astra sedan is sold here as the Buick Verano. We don’t get the hatchback.

Rumors are the next model will be much roomier. Which is good news. As the current Verano’s back seat area is one of the smallest in its class.

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  1. Wow, they REALLY suck the life out of it when it is morphed into a Buick. I would buy this as an Opel but never as a Buick.

  2. This is beautiful. Buick should bring the entire Astra lineup to the US, including the hatch and the vert. I know they would do well. I don't even mind a Buick logo. But what won't work is to incorporate a bunch of different plastic to make it look more like a Buick. The Verano is a vulgar looking thing compared to the European version. The Buick waterfall grill is trashy. Bring them over as the designers intended.

  3. You know what, I don't care about GM anymore. Serious, I've been a lifetime fan and supporter–the son of a 30 year GM worker–all that crap, and today I read they're going all-in on the great fracking deception. Well guess what, I'll applaud when they're gone. They're a cancer on the American people and a cancer on this planet. Wake up lazy, stupid, and greedy Americans! The truth about fracking–the real truth–is a few mouse clicks away!

  4. Buick isn't sucking the life from Opel… Opel is the one designing and building these. Buick gets them after the fact.

    Opel in general needs help. None of their products, the Astra or Sigma are cutting it.

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