2015/16 Toyota FCV

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 This is the production version of the FCV, Toyota’s 1st hydrogen powered car.
I cannot comment on the car obviously. I am sure it drives fine and is quite a marvel of futuristic technology.
But that shape… Really.

It doesn’t appear more modern than a Corolla.
They showed us a concept a while ago that was fine. Nothing too crazy. Yet they figured a way to make it even more boring. For a car that will display their most advanced technology.

This is the concept. Besides the weird front end, it looks OK.
Maybe this design will become the next Prius….

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  1. I'm pretty sure its a testbed.. not the actual sheetmetal that it will eventually have. I think it is an HS.. or maybe even a new Corolls bodyshell. Either way, what is obvious is that it won't compete directly in size with the Honda FCV.

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