All new Mercedes C-Class teaser

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We have seen so many spy shots of this car already, there won’t be many surprises.
We also know it will be longer than the current model, and probably more expensive. Since the new CLA starts at just about $4000 less than the current C Class.

The bigger news will be the new 2 door convertible version, coming later. A first for the C Class.

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  1. re: "longer and probably more expensive than the current model"

    The current C has been a huge hit all over the world for Mercedes. I'm sure that there some bloated, overpaid German execs who think that the next C should also be bloated and overpriced. They will find out that the current size and price are at the sweet spot.

    The CLA is no substitute. It will take them a few more generations before they can make a FWD platform that is as good as their RWD platforms.

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