Another pic of the 2015 Hyundai Genesis

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Looks OK. Better than the current one. But it should…

At least from this pic, it doesn’t seem to stand out in any way.
Maybe a true hatch like the A7. This actually makes the Audi A7 seem futuristic.

Last’ year’s concept was so much better, stronger. This is just way too diluted.

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  1. Invisible. Is there a car here? Where? Cause I don't see one.

    Srsly, Hyundai was able to catch up to some mainstream vanillamobiles offered by Toyhonda by offering cars that don't suck as bad as they once did. But that formula won't work forever. And it certainly won't propel them forward.

  2. Sad that the Genesis lost its "four-light" greenhouse and will be jumping into the dowdy "six-light" setup of the Equus, Azera, Avalon and Impala.

  3. You can see elements of Mercedes, and Aston Martin. Looks unoffensive and upscale.

    Will it sell? Depends on what its offerings will be but on the menu are important imperatives such as all-wheel drive, cool/heated front seats and cool/heated steering wheels plus some other goodies yet to be announced.

    Is this Genuine Luxury?
    To have bragging rights for the all new Genesis as a premium brand, Hyundai has to deliver on ride and handling. And their engineers know what really needed fixing was the shaky, unrefined suspension underpinning the current Genesis. A fatal short coming that has be-saddled the Genesis.

    If that has been properly sorted and there is every reason to believe they have, (see Nurburgring testing) then Hyundai will finally be in legitimate lux car territory.

    We shall see.

  4. Looks like an Infiniti M hooked up with a Ford Fusion. Not sure where their going here. The Elantra is more forward thinking than this.

  5. I forgot about the A7 look -a-like reports. I'm still a bit bored by this. Looks like it will fit right in with the rest. Where's that Kia GT?


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