BMW 2 series

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The redesigned 1 series coupe will be called the 2 series.
So they can charge more. Just like what they did with the 3 series coupe now 4 series.

It already looks really nice on these pictures. About as good as the more expensive 4 series coupe.

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  1. It's good they put that camo right above the grill, wouldn't want anybody to be able to ID the car.

  2. I have always been a fan of BMW, but I think I've been just romancing the past. Today it seems that they have almost totally lost their edge. Ever since the Bangle days, it's been hit-or-miss with their style and performance. All of their cars are either too camrybland, or too overwrought with vulgar lines and gimmicks. Or they are just completely irrelevant. It won't matter if they call this a 1 series or a 2 series. No one's going to care either way, just as no one has cared about the previous generation 1.

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