How GM is killing the Cadillac ELR !

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By pricing it at $76 000! That’s how.

It is basically a $35 000 Chevrolet Volt, dressed up in a beautiful and more upscale Cadillac design.
No matter how great looking it is, it is NOT worth $30 000 more than the Volt!

It is amazing to me that GM can make such a stupid move.
In a market where EVs are not selling that well, where prices are coming down. They arrogantly think they have an equivalent to the Tesla Model S.
They don’t!

Pricing the ELR like the Model S does NOT make it the same. And is NOT the way to compete.

I am just baffled by these news and don’t really know what to say…
Except this is a $45 000 car. At the most….

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  1. That red side view pic is honestly what I'd expected from Acura in 2014MY. Sadly, look at their cars 🙁 Nice for Caddy tho.

  2. I love the looks of this car, but the price and the driving range is beyond idiotic. Why would anyone want to pay a premium, go through the effort of installing a charging station an plugging it in every day, get tepid performance and only get a maximum of 35 miles on electric? What a hassle. Oh, and it costs $10k MOAR than a base Tesla S which has the reputation, looks sexy and is likely faster, safer and has four doors.

    Between this and the nasty looking new Escalade, I don't know what Cadillac is smoking lately.

  3. The car has a manual hood prop which says it all. Just a fluffed up Volt which is really just a Cruze. More smoke and mirrors from GM.

  4. This should be Cadillac's entry-level vehicle — maybe price it a few thousand more than the ATS. It could have been a great way to get some young buyers to explore the brand – Tesla want-to-be's.
    I guess GM's success with the Volt's pricing was such a home run, they decided to repeat it with Cadillac (NOT!)

  5. Somewhere in the low $50,000 range would have been fantastic. The mid sixties max. I guess Big Dan thinks they can make up some of the money they've lost on the Volt this way. I love the Volt, but I don't believe they'll be able to sell more than 1000 of these a year without leapfrogging the Volt's range. It's certainly not going to be what you would call a flagship. But look on the bright-side, when it fails miserably they can just claim that people don't want electric cars and focus on producing gas guzzlers.

  6. The ELR is such a low volume production car that GM decided to price it somewhere near nose bleed levels. But don't forget about the tax credit of up to $7,500 which should drop the price into the high $68k range.

    I really don't believe the General has overly unrealistic sales goals so don't expect it to be widely available. The ELR is the kind of car that fits nicely into the halo category for GM and it can only help further enhance the image of Cadillac.

  7. The Sixteen and Elmiraj concepts are what deserve to be the marques halo car, but oh yeah those aren't done cookin' yet. So they have this instead…got it.

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