Kia K900 US

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This is the 1st official picture of the US version. The big Kia is based on the Hyundai Equus.
But it seems like a much better looking alternative.
Unlike the Equus, the Kia will be available with a V6 as a base engine. A V8 will still be an option.

It will make its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show next month. 

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  1. It seems Hyundai and Kia are competing against themselves by releasing premium cars under their bargain brands.

    Neither company seems intent on following the laws of branding when it comes to creating a credible premium brand that would appeal to that demographic market. Instead they've doubled down on the "discount premium" theme.

    Either they're looking at market data that tells them significant numbers of premium shoppers are willing to spend 50 large plus on a Hyundai/Kia or they're putting bank that these cheap no frills premium shoppers are as willing to wait in line like the rest of us at Walmart.

  2. To me, this car is ridiculous. The whole thing is an amalgamation of every luxury car design cue for the past ten years. Right down to the Buick/Maserati portholes which, by now, just look vulgar and cheap. Kia knows a lot about good design, and they've proven they can do it. But with this, they should be embarrassed.

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