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I agree with those who say GM will sell tons of these. They will…

It’s main problem is that it is still NOT a Cadillac.
This reminds me of the 70’s. Even worse, as back then, Chevy based Cadillacs had, at least, their own design.
Again, this is just a GMC/Chevy truck with a Cadillac grille and dashboard.
(Like a $300 Panasonic camera sold for $500 when it gets a Leica logo.)

Some have mentioned this is similar to what Lexus and Infiniti are doing. Which doesn’t make it right. (At least Nissan isn’t selling the Patrol in the US)

The new dashboard is fine, since it looks similar to other Cadillacs. But these rear seats look awfully flat, and uncomfortable.
For something that will start above $65 000…

And that column shifter. Really… It’s like saying “please, don’t take us seriously. This is NOT really a luxury car”.

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  1. I totally agree, Vince. I was so disappointed that Caddy made us hold our breath so long for this turd!

  2. Does anyone else think the side windows, window trim, and black pieces around the windows are too fussy on these three suvs? I think there's too much going on back there.

  3. That is one vulgar looking car. I disagree about the dash, the lines look like an upscale cross of astra with hyundai. The seats are awfull

  4. This is really just the modern-day limo. If you think about the redesign in that perspective it makes sense for Cadillac. In any major US city they are livery vehicles. If it is a money machine for Cadillac that allows them to build cars like the El Mirage etc., I can live with it in the market.

  5. I think it looks less obviously like a gussied-up Yukon/Tahoe than before. The rear lights are different, the front end design is more well-integrated (and better-looking than the GMC or Chevy), and the grille design seems more modern.

    PS the Infiniti QX80 is based on a Nissan Patrol chassis. And Let's not forget that most major manufacturers badge engineer their cars. VW, for instance – some VW, Seat, and Skoda are only distinguished by lights and badges.

  6. I'm a long-time Caddy guy, but I agree: This was hardly worth waiting for. And those rear seats DO look unconfortable. But, Vince, what is it with you and the column shifter??

  7. Sorry Vince, the shit brown seats aren't doing it for me. Will GM ever try something innovative? The Durango and Explorer are new from the ground up. GM? Toss in some new lights, dress it up with more trim than a Christmas tree and we're good to go. They can offer it but I sure as hell don't have to buy it.

  8. What strikes me as odd about the seats is that they have that sharp V to them. That element can't be found anywhere else in the interior's design (exterior, sure) And they do appear flat, but calling them uncomfortable after just looking at a picture is pretty ridiculous. The brown looks good IMO–if they have the right exterior colors to go with it. I somehow doubt they will, though.

  9. In a time when even a Hyundai Accent and Kia Rio are differentiated, GM still does this…..the Cadillac style tail lights are a welcome addition, but it's not enough! The Side profile is the same as a $40,000 Tahoe…so at $70,000..much more is to be expected here!

    – FusioptimaSX

  10. That shifter is about as appropriate in a luxury car as a crank starter. Those rear seats look like bus seats. The horsey looking hinges on the sides show absolutely zero design finesse. The arm rests look like what you'd see in an 80s conversion van. Such thoughtless design execution isn't acceptable in a "luxury car" by any stretch of the imagination. Look at the arm rest in a Range Rover. They look and feel like money because they are substantial and work beautifully. Range Rover has nothing to worry about.

    There's no question that Cadillac knows how to design a car. The ATS, CTS and the Elmiraj are proof that they know what they're doing.

    This is a big disappointment. Massive.

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