Mystery VW sedan.

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The Chinese site says this is a new model positioned above the Passat. But not the Phaeton.

Who know really, it could be a bunch of things. I haven’t heard that VW was working on a larger sedan besides the next Phaeton. So it could be the Phaeton.
Or the next CC. Or even the next Euro Passat.

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  1. The chinese like the stretched versions with larger back seats… sort of a poor man's limo. I'm guessing its just a stretched version of the Passat.

  2. Euro Passat or Phaton as nothing else makes sense. it's not shaped to be the next CC.


  3. I see you switched to awesome for less effort all around…especially not having to type your older address anymore!

  4. It might be the Euro-Passat, which is due for a new generation. Then again, there is more than enough space between the Passat and the Phaeton to position a new model; the gap between both models is huge.

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