Subaru Levorg Concept

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Let’s hope they find another name for the production version.
“Levorg” sounds like a bad early 80’s science fiction movie.

Not sure if this is the concept version of the next Outback. Or the larger, Japan only Exiga. Which seats 7.

We’ll see…

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  1. This will replace the legacy in Japanese market. Legacy wagon is not going to be available in Japan aftrr MY14. Car is based on Impreza and have more cargo room than car its based on.

  2. Subaru is controlled by toyota. This means that the solid subaru you came to know will now go to the cost cutters at toyota and the new subarus will only be shadows of their former selves, just like all products are. For Shame….toyota is single handedly ruining the auto business.

  3. Agree with that comment about Subaru's. Not only in cost cutting but the Toyota influence on Subie's designs is just terrible. Just saw a 2010 Outback sport at the grocery store next to a new Impreza. The old design looks WAAAAYYYY more modern and beautiful. Shame on Subaru!

  4. I see they're using the same unique tail light that Ford uses on the Focus, Fiesta, Escape and Festiva. And Chrysler uses on the SRT Viper and on several Maserati Models. All of which differ from the "C" shape lighting of the VW's and Audi's only by VW/Audi's lack of a white center.

    How original.

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