2014 Honda Civic Coupe

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 Nothing “all new”, but it is nice too see Honda paying attention to the coupe.
No news about the interior yet. But it seems that the exterior is getting quite a few changes.
Mostly a new front end and the “Acura wave” in the front fenders.

(The top picture is the sportier Si model)

Here is the 2014 (top car in each picture), next to the current mode.
Looks like everything ahead of the windshield is new.

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  1. I didnt think the front styling could get any worse. but damn… they Crosstour'ed it! Kill it with fire!

  2. Looks like they tried to put a BMW4 front bumper on a cheap civic for poor people. Suppose it drives like a BMW!!????—-or like a Honda.

  3. Ugliest POS since the last Honda product debut. I guess the Crosstour was too big, so they decided to ruin this in its image.

  4. I actually liked the Civic before (LIKED), and don't mind the changes all that much. I think the grill and headlights are a slight improvement, but the foglights and surrounding plastic are complete overkill and clutter what's a pretty clean design otherwise. I'm not sure about the front fenders or rear are better or worse (although I dislike the reflectors 100%). I like the orange paint, too!

  5. Wow! Great comparison here! I had no idea they changed the front sheet metal too! This is so strange to see on a 2 year old vehicle…very rare in fact…as the current mustang was just a heavy refresh of the 2005 model, but did gain some new sheetmetal…as did the 2012 Fusion (front). It is interesting to see what changes they spend their money on. The lower Air dam should have been on a sport model of the ILX though.


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