2015 Honda Fit Sedan/City

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Just some pictures from the launch in India.
Again, this is, for the 1st time, coming to the US. Where it will compete with the Versa sedan.
It already seems a much, much nicer car than the Nissan.

I think this will actually also hurt the Civic. At least the low end models of the sedan.

More and better pictures very soon…

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  1. Are they cash strapped, because I can think of a lot of other vehicles that would make more sense.

  2. I would be surprised if this would hurt the Civic. Civic's loyalty is like the Corolla's. It's solid, cheap to run and not too flashy, exactly what most want in this segment.

  3. They definitely WILL hurt their Civic sales here in the US if they bring this sedan here. It may be smaller and cheaper but its so close styling wise that there will be only content and trim as discernible differentiating factors between the two. They SHOULD HAVE made it look very distinct from the Civic. But Honda just seems to have the worst management directions these days. But that is assuming Honda wants to keep the Civic. All indications suggest they are trying to kill the Civic line and replace it over the next series cycle with all Fit-platformed models which are much less expensive to produce than the Civic's better mechanicals. It has already occurred in Japan and Europe.

  4. Notice – this car does not have the Exciting H grill. I wonder if thats already been determine to be a fail and has been dropped. We'll see with the next bunch of vehicles that hit. The Fit / Urban are already botched with it so no hope for that.

  5. Wont' hurt Civic sales cuz Civic buyers like small, cheap, not flashy? What's this thing gonna be then? Answer – small, cheap, not flashy. Less $ for Honda and dealers. Bad move.

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